Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is FoodLogoMaker and how does it work?
    FoodLogoMaker allows you to easily create a professional looking logo for your business or project.
    No design skill is necessary. All that you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

    You can select a template for quick customization or start from scratch.
    Using a true user-friendly tool, you can add, edit, or delete logo elements, edit the colors, set fonts, etc.
    The only limit is your imagination.

    Once you are satisfied with your logo, click on the "Download" button.
  • Do I need to create an account to use FoodLogoMaker?
    You can start your FoodLogoMaker experience by exploring if it makes sense for you, without having to sign up.
    If you want to save, download or buy your logos, you will need to create a FoodLogoMaker account.
  • I haven't received my password after registration.
    Your password is sent to your email instantly after the account is created. In most cases this missing email can be found in your spam folder. If you still couldn't find your password, please contact us.
  • What if other users choose the same template as I use?
    All the provided resources such as templates, icons, shapes, etc. can be accessed by all users.

    To make your logo unique, add your company name, set the colors that match your brand, choose a unique font. As your logo design is made by you, the chances of someone will have an identical logo is very low.
  • My logo has FREE status. What should I do?
    Free logos are stored for a limited time since the last update.
    If you want to keep your logo for an unlimited time, please buy it.

    In order to free up resources, the system deletes free and inactive logos automatically.
  • How to obtain my logo package?
    Simply click on the "Download" button to download your files. All logo files are compressed and sent as a single ".zip" file.
    In order to access the content of the compressed file, you must "unzip" the file.

    Download the sample from the Pricing page.
  • Can I copyright my logo?
    You have full ownership of purchased logo. You are free to use it for any commercial or non-commercial use without additional permission.

    However, you can not copyright or trademark any unmodified templates, icons and other graphics that we have provided. The copyright applies to the entire logo, not to the individual elements.

    You can copyright the logo, but in this case, please contact the copyright agency in your country.
    We do not provide copyright and trademark services.
  • Is there any phone support?
    At this time we don’t provide phone support, but we do our best to respond to every request within just a few hours of receiving it.

    We’re also a small team, so this helps us prevent customers from being put on hold to talk to us while we’re assisting other customers. We are happy to receive your questions so do not hesitate.

Technical Questions

Pricing and Payment

  • Is there a free version of this service?
    Yes, you can design, save and download your logo for free. You are also free to use it for any non-commercial purpose without asking for permission. Also, you can "purchase" the Premium Package without actually paying money by placing an attribution code on your site.

    We appreciate every mention of our website. Please share FoodLogoMaker on your website (or blog) and social media.
  • What is the minimum cost of the logo in high-resolution quality?
    The Basic Package cost $14.99

    The fees stated on the Pricing page.
  • Can I edit the logo for free after payment?
    Of course! You can edit and download your purchased logo an unlimited number of times.
  • Can I upgrade my logo?
    Yes, you can upgrade at any point if you require additional files or services.
  • How do I pay online?
    To buy a logo, go to the My Logos page. Next, click the "Buy" button of the desired logo and follow the instructions.

    You can use your credit card to pay online. We use PayPal, a highly reputable payment processor to process all online credit card payments on their secure servers.

    Also, we use a well-known payment service provider 2Checkout as our secondary payment gateway for credit card and order processing. 2Checkout accepts Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, and American Express.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card?
    Yes. FoodLogoMaker uses the services of 2Checkout or Paypal (the "Payment Gateway") to provide the highest level of secure online transactions. You submit your payment to the Payment Gateway and they just pass us a confirmation that the payment has been received.

    We do not collect or store any credit card numbers.
  • What is your refund policy?
    One time Product fees are non-refundable. Our products are digital goods delivered by Internet download. There is no guarantee that logo files will not be used following the download.

This FAQ section is intended to provide an easy and quick way to find answers to most frequently asked questions.

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